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Guest Instructor

Guest Instructor instructs the following:
  • Yoga Bliss + Restore
  • Friday, October 28th, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.


    A Meditation & Asana workshop Based on Yoga Sutras with Zoe Mantarakis Wenger

    The simple verses below, from the ancient book of Yoga Sutras, will provide the framework for us to explore a style of meditation, breathwork, and gentle asana practice that is anchored in peace and gives rise to the supreme joy available to us in the present moment.

    Through guided call and response, students will learn how to chant these verses as a mantra in Sanskrit and discuss their implications and meaning for a yogi seeking peace both on and off the mat. The wisdom found in these sutras will inform our meditation and pranayama, as well as give rise to a yoga practice that will awaken the deep love in each of us that connects us to each other and to the universe.

    2.42 Contentment gives rise to unsurpassed joy.

    2.46 The postures of meditation and yoga are steady and joyful.

    2.47 Alignment in yoga and meditation occurs as all effort relaxes and the body-mind-spirit is revealed as being one, indivisible, with the universe.

    2.48 Then one is unconstrained by opposing dualities.

    This is an invitation to be free; to be you; and to be supremely happy. Come play, and know peace!