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                            FREDERICKSBURG, TX 78624
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 Fredericksburg's only licensed AntiGravity studio! 



Welcome to the Lizard Dreaming AntiGravity "Cloud Studio," where we float and fly and find peace.


"In life, hidden in the forces that pull us down, is the energy to lift us up."

AntiGravity was founded by aerial choreographer Christopher Harrison over 25 years ago. AntiGravity techniques allow one to stretch further and hold challenging postures longer by utilizing the Harrison AntiGravity Hammock. This unique series of movements is designed to decompress one's spine and align the body from head to toe while stretching and strengthening one's muscles. You can increase your overall health and agility while having fun and creating beauty. 

"We chose AntiGravity because it is the original aerial yoga, not an imitation, and because it is intelligent, healthy, and most importantly, safe," says Patty Williamson, owner and AntiGravity instructor. "Nettie and I both believe that using the Harrison AntiGravity hammock to assist in both movement and meditation can change people's lives." The hammocks are designed to hold over three thousand pounds and are very comfortable and safe. Classes are limited to a small number so that each participant can receive personal attention and have a great experience.

Nettie Joseph and Patty Williamson are your certified AntiGravity instructors and there are different classes to choose from that achieve different results. 

Experience the benefits of AntiGravity:

·       increased muscular flexibility

·       muscular tension release through self-massage techniques

·       core strengthening

·       upper and lower body muscular strengthening

·       increased kinesthetic awareness; fine-tuning balance and increasing proprioception

·       increased joint mobility

·       low-impact cardiovascular conditioning

·       self-esteem enhancement through the process of conquering basic fears

·       more astute presence through mindful consciousness conditioning

·       increased command / response acuity

·       learning of new skills: a creative and artistic fitness experience

·       uniquely fun experience that works risible muscles as well as functional muscles

·       prevention and diminishing of varicose veins



IMG_5436In order to get the most from your session, please:


·       Turn off all cell phones

·       Remove all jewelry and hair clips

·       Remove shoes and socks

·       Wear appropriate clothing *(legs covered and shirts with sleeves are preferred to maximize safety and comfort)

·       Listen carefully to cues

·       Advise your instructor if any of the following applies: pregnancy, glaucoma, recent surgery, irregular heart function, very high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, osteoporosis, recent head injury, fainting, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe arthritis, hiatal hernia, disc herniation , recent stroke, Botox within the last 6 hours